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Welcome to PORTS

California State Parks is proud to present PORTS (Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students) Program which provides K-12 students the opportunity to connect with the diverse cultural, natural, and historic resources of our state through virtual field trip experiences.

We provide PORTS Home Learning Programs for K-12 students learning from home and PORTS On-Demand Programs for students in their digital or in-person classrooms.

To learn more about available PORTS resources, check out our Digital Content Library, Previous Broadcasts, and the new passPORTS Program paving the way for K-12 access to California State Parks!

See how PORTS is re-imagining the field trip with our new passPORTS Project!

Through a new partnership with CUE and Parks California, California State Parks is re-imagining how K-12 students connect with our parks. Click here to find pre-made teacher resources including the California State Parks Reading List, our NGSS Phenomenon Bank, and much more!

Explore More PORTS Resources

Explore our Previous Broadcasts!

Our previous broadcasts showcase hours of high-quality educational content focused on California's natural, cultural, and historic resources.

Re-Imagining K-12 Access to Parks with passPORTS!

passPORTS uses a combination of digital instructional materials embedded with quality teaching practices to empower teachers and students to play, learn, serve, and share in California State Parks!

Discover our Digital Content Library!

Our Digital Content Library Showcases the diverse resources available to teachers and students hoping to connect their learning to California State Parks!