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Año Nuevo State Park's rich variety of natural and cultural resources create an endless opportunity for exploring and adventure. The park’s natural preserve offers an extraordinary outdoor experience, where every year up to 10,000 elephant seals return to breed, give birth, and molt their skin among the sand dunes and beaches.

The physical terrain of Año Nuevo is distinctive, with coastal terrace prairie, wetland marshes, dune fields, and coastal scrub hosting a high diversity of plants and animals. Although Año Nuevo State Park's most popular residents are the Northern elephant seal population, it is also home to many other animals. Bobcats, deer, California sea lions, Southern sea otters, harbor seals, the rare and endangered San Francisco garter snake, and the California red-legged frog.

Visitors come to get an up-close look at the Northern elephant seals, spend time bird watching along the Pacific migratory route, and take in the scenic ocean views.

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