Anza-Borrego Virtual Field Trip Guide

Before your trip, first decide how you will be connecting with us.

Join our Zoom room with provided link

After scheduling your program you will receive a confirmation email with a unique link to a Zoom meeting for the scheduled slot of your program. Share this link with your students so they can all join from home. Or if you are back in school, use this link to connect your classroom to your PORTS presenter. See our FAQs for more information on connecting.

Invite us to join your virtual classroom!

We know that sometimes it is easier for us to come to you! Share with us an invite to your Zoom meeting or Google meet, and we will happily join your virtual classroom at the time and date selected for your program. Use another platform? Send an email to to see how we can meet.

Connecting in a classroom? Click here for some tips:

  • Use external speakers to ensure sound quality. Place the speakers as far apart as possible to avoid an echo into the microphone.

  • Position the device with camera facing out towards the classroom so the presenter can see and interact with your students.

  • Connect your device to a projector or a large screen to make sure that all students will be able to view the presentation comfortably.

  • Consider lighting or glare before your program.

Connecting remotely? Click here for some tips:

  • Ask all students to leave their cameras on, so that our presenter can interact with everybody present.

  • Attentive and engaged students will be sitting up, and focusing on the presenter.

  • Remind students to keep their microphones on mute during the presentation, and to raise their hand if they have something to share.

  • If you are connecting more than two classes (50+ students) during the program, consider participating in a Zoom Webinar instead of a meeting. If this is something that interests you, email for more information.

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Prepare your students for the virtual field trip.

There are many ways to prepare your students for their upcoming field trip. Explore our passPORTS resources or see below for plug-and-play lessons for virtual or in-person learning!

Pre-Field Trip Mystery Mini-Lesson!

Explore Extinct Species and Ecosystems with Anza Borrego's 5-E Hyperdoc Resources!

Discover "What makes a fossil a fossil?" at Anza Borrego Desert State Park

Share where you will be visiting!

Anza-Borrego is the LARGEST state park in California. Find out how far away you are from it!

When it's time for your field trip...

Be interactive!

Students are welcome to share thoughts and questions during our PORTS program. We recommend brainstorming questions before your program. Teachers can support their students by actively engaged in the field trip to help moderate discussions and call on students.

Have fun but always be mindful.

Virtual field trips are unique experiences for your students. We'll need your help to manage classroom behaviors whether virtually or in-person. Be sure to contact your Anza Borrego PORTS presenter at if you have any specific questions or concerns.

2019 Bighorn Sheep Count

Consider using these resources to keep students engaged during your program!

After the field trip:

Expand the experience - learning doesnt have to end with the field trip!

Itching to know more? Visit the Anza-Borrego Padlet to ask more questions, or to find new answers!

Thank you!

We thank you for allowing us to be a part of your classroom and offering this opportunity for your students to learn more about California State Parks. We hope you share your experience with your fellow educators and on social media. To make sure we don’t miss your post, please tag @PORTSprogram #CAstateparks and on Facebook @AnzaBorrego

More questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact