Hendy Woods State Park In-person Field Trips!

Book an in-person field trip for Hendy Woods State Park!

Bring your learning to life with an in-person field trip to Hendy Woods State Park. On your field trip, you and your students will join Interpreter Steve Jahelka for a guided hike through the Discovery Loop Trail of Hendy Woods State Park.

Prior to your field trip, we recommend you...

For this 2-hour guided experience, we'll explore the life of the towering coast redwoods and their allies. We'll work to piece together all the parts of this living puzzle and learn about the roles different organisms play in this unique ecosystem at Hendy Woods State Park. Experience the grandeur of these natural wonders to find out how they survive to tower over all other trees in the world. (Trail is 1 mile long and easily accessible to ADA Standards)

Your trip will start with a brief 15-minute instruction on Nature Journaling, followed by 45 minutes of recording student-centered and self-directed observations in the redwood grove.

After an intermission for snacks and a bathrooms, you and your students will be guided through Big Hendy Grove for approximately 1 hour. Prior to departure, you and your students will have the chance to wrap up and reflect, use the restroom, and hit the road!

AM and PM tours are available! Please see below to schedule your field trip! (If participating in the AM session, we'll squeeze in time for you and your students to have lunch in the park)

You and your students may be eligible for reimbursement of transportation costs for your in-person field trip to Hendy Woods State Park. Click here to learn more!

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