Millerton Lake
State Recreation Area

Explore Millerton Lake State Recreation Area!

Millerton Lake State Recreation Area is found in the geographical center of California, where the San Joaquin River flows out of the Sierra Nevada foothills and into the great Central Valley. The building of the Friant dam, as part of the Central Valley Project, forever transformed the landscape flooding the canyons above and altering the river below.  Join us as we explore concepts such as; animal adaptations, earth processes  and more, on our interactive virtual field trips! 

Keep reading to discover our On-Demand programs and K-12 educational resources from Millerton Lake State Recreation Area! 

Teacher Resources

Bird Adaptation Resources

Bird Adaptation Library

Project Beak is a great source to have students independently explore various adaptations found in birds, either as front-loading or further exploration post PORTS program. 

Conversation Starter

Owl vs. Hawk from 'Phenomenon for NGSS'

Use video clip to start the discussion about adaptations in birds, with your students. 

Bird Behavior and Adaptation Videos

The Cornell Lab Bird Academy is a great source for videos that highlight bird adaptations; both physical and behavioral. 

3-D Bald Eagle

Zoom in, out, and spin all around! Students can get a close up look at this interactive 3 dimensional scan of a Bald Eagle! Use as inquiry tool to get students asking questions about its features. 

Weathering and Erosion Resources

Why is there sand on the beach? (Mystery Science Activity)

In this lesson, students investigate the effects of rocks tumbling in a river. Based on their observations, they construct an explanation for why there is sand at a beach.