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Hi everyone! I'm Lillie and I'm inviting you to take a journey with me through an ancient grove of giant sequoia in Calaveras Big Trees State Park, live! This unique California native is full of surprises and wonder. Did I mention, they are also GIANT? As the biggest living thing on earth and one of the oldest, there is no doubt the giant sequoia's fascinating life story will delight and inspire students of all ages.

There are two different On-Demand Programs now available to book for the rest of the school year. Learn all about the complexity of fire with the Fire Ecology program. Want to stick with our famous trees? Check out the Giant Sequoia Ecology program.

Did you miss booking the Winter Superpowers program? Not to worry- there is a recording available below.

Keep reading for more details on these On-Demand programs as well as tips and resources to maximize your virtual field trip to Calaveras Big Trees State Park!

The Ultimate Field Trip Guide

Come in strong to your virtual field trip! This guide will walk you through how it all works and how to maximize this unique opportunity for your students.

Available Teacher Resources

Giant Sequoia Padlet

Dig a little deeper in our Giant Sequoia Ecology lesson before and/or after the program!

Winter Padlet

Want to learn more about winter wonders? Check out this padlet before and/or after the Winter Superpowers program!

Fire Ecology Padlet

Fire ecology is a complicated topic. Want to learn more and delve deeper? Look through this padlet before or after the Fire Ecology (or Giant Sequoia Ecology!) program to learn more.

Recorded Programs

Giant Sequoia Ecology

Did you miss our giant sequoia ecology program? Watch this recording on YouTube.

Winter Superpowers

Miss the cold of winter? Watch this recording on YouTube.

Fire Ecology

Watch this if you missed the Fire Ecology program! The first 24 minutes of this recording are similar to the Giant Sequoia Ecology program so feel free to skip to then if you have watched that one.

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