Central Coast

Marine Protected Areas

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Dive into Central Coast Marine Protected Areas:

The Ocean Connects Us All

Dive into Central Coast Marine Protected Areas with California State Park Interpreter Robin Hazard! MPAs are much like underwater parks. These fascinating underwater worlds are full of surprises and wonder...so let the adventure begin!

Take a trip to the beautiful San Luis Obispo coast! Just like land parks, MPAs allow for the protection of entire ecosystems and provide amazing spaces to play!

Students will discover how plastic inevitably ends up in the ocean as well as how it effects the wildlife and habitats that make up our big blue sea. They will also explore ways that we can all be a part of the solution! Through simple daily changes, we can all make a big difference in the health of our beautiful blue Earth. Through this better understanding of our ocean, we are better able to protect it.

Enjoy this interactive, virtual journey and learn ways that we can protect the ocean every single day. Discover how the ocean connects us all!

Keep reading to discover our On-Demand programs and K-12 educational resources from the Central Coast Marine Protected Areas!

MPA Videos

The MPAs of San Luis Obispo County -Morro Bay & Point Buchon

The MPAs of San Luis Obispo County -Cambria & Piedras Blancas

Morro Bay's MPAs

Available Teacher Resources


Dive into our Marine Protected Areas Coastal Explorer Guide Activity Book (English) & (Spanish)


Talking Trash & Taking Action Activity Guide

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MPA Habitats & Species Poster

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