La Purísima Mission State Park

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Bring your lessons to life at California’s most completely restored mission located on the ancestral land of the Chumash people. La Purisima Mission State Historic Park is an ideal place to explore the stories and challenges of the people who lived here as well as the crafts and technologies of the mission era. Programs are designed to enrich learning and stimulate awareness of the history throughout La Purisima Mission.

There are 4 different types of in-person field trips offered at La Purisima Mission State Historic Park.

  • Guided Tour: 90-minute exploration of 5-6 locations in the park. Max 60 students, designed for 4th grade. See the menu below to learn more!

  • Station Tour: 2-hour program of costumed interpreters demonstrating mission crafts at 6 stations throughout historic mission grounds. $2 per student, single school event. Designed for 4th-grade students with a class size of 60 - 120 students max. See the menu below to learn more! (SPACE IS LIMITED!)

  • Student Living History Days: 3-hour event with costumed interpreters demonstrating crafts throughout mission grounds at 10 various stations. This is a multi-school event for 4th graders. See the menu below to learn more! (SPACE IS LIMITED)

You and your students may be eligible for re-imbursement of transportation costs for your in-person field trip to La Purisima Mission State Historic Park. Click here to learn more!

Guided Tours

With a guided tour, staff take your students on a 90 minute journey with 5-6 stops throughout the historic mission grounds. These FREE tours are available on Wednesdays beginning October 1st. This program is designed for 4th graders with a 60 students maximum. See the blue calendar below to schedule your program!

Station Tour

4th graders will enjoy exploring 6 engaging stations with costumed staff demonstrating history with your class. Your students will explore in groups of 10-20. This is available to 4th grade teachers and students with a minimum of 60 and no more than 120 students maximum. Please note: the fee is $2 per student (no charge for teachers, chaperones or aids). For more info and to register for a station tour, click here!

Student Living History Day

This is a multi-school event for 4th graders only with a limited capacity of 400 students. Programs include a fee of $2 per student **Please Note: the total capacity does not include chaperones, teachers and special needs aids which there is no fee*** For more info and to register for a student living history day, click here.

Be sure to prepare for your in-person field trip with a PORTS program! Click here to schedule your virtual field trip

Learn more about La Purisima Mission's Supporters!

Prelado de los Tesoros is a non-profit, volunteer organization that assists La Purísima Mission State Historic Park to preserve history and provide quality educational programs for park visitors.