Millerton Lake State Recreation Area

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Explore Millerton Lake State Recreation Area!

Millerton Lake State Recreation Area is found in the geographical center of California, where the San Joaquin River flows out of the Sierra Nevada foothills and into the great Central Valley. The building of the Friant dam, as part of the Central Valley Project, forever transformed the landscape flooding the canyons above and altering the river below. Explore the effects humans have had on our environment through our place-based programs. Discover why some plants and animals continue to thrive here, while others have met a different fate. Take your water cycle unit to the next level discussing real world challenges such as water storage and rainfall distribution.

Keep reading to discover our On-Demand programs and K-12 educational resources from Millerton Lake State Recreation Area!

Teacher Resources

Bird Adaptation Library

Project Beak is a great source to have students independently explore various adaptations found in birds, either as front-loading or further exploration post PORTS program.

Conversation Starter

Owl vs. Hawk from 'Phenomenon for NGSS'

Use video clip to start the discussion about adaptations in birds, with your students.


Bald Eagle 3-D Scan

Take a closer look at the build and features of a Bald Eagle. Have students identify possible adaptations from this digital scan video.

Where does my water come from?

Water Education Foundation provides information on localized water sources by region and city, for all of California.

Water Cycle Diagram

USGS Interactive Water Cycle diagram provides in depth definitions for each step of the process and is differentiated by level.