Point Lobos In-Person Field Trip!

You and your students may qualify for a FREE, In-Person field trip to Point Lobos State Natural Reserve!

The California State Parks PORTS program is working with educators from around the state to re-imagine the school field trip with passPORTS. For nearly 17 years, PORTS has provided live, free virtual experiences from Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. In June of this year, our long-time interpreter Daniele moved onto a new role in the Monterey area with California State Parks and we're excited to welcome Alec Knapp to our team! Starting February 10th at 1:00pm PST, you'll be able to schedule a LIVE, FREE virtual field trip experience, but it doesn't end there! You and your students are invited to join us live and in-person at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve this spring and passPORTS has grant funding for your transportation costs through "blended access." Keep reading to learn more!

What’s a Blended Access?

passPORTS is working to “blend” virtual and in-person access to Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. First, you and your students participate in a “virtual” video conference visit with a CA State Park Interpreter. Next, at a future date, you take an in-person field trip to the park.

Benefits of a passPORTS Blended Field Trip

  • Teachers are supported with passPORTS instructional resources and California State Park experts!

  • Students get an educational experience based on the park’s ecosystem, geography, or history

  • Teachers select from CCSS/NGSS and environmental literacy curriculum

  • Teachers select ready-made, grade level science, ELA, or history lessons customized for the park

  • Schools or districts get reimbursed for some or all student transportation costs to the park

Grant Process for Planning Your Blended Field Trip - 7 Easy Steps!

  1. Schedule your PORTS program (live virtual field trip) at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve: ports-ca.us/PORTSon-demand/point-lobos-state-natural-reserve

  2. Visit the Point Lobos Foundation Website to request a field trip date: pointlobos.org/field-trip-reservations (you will be contacted by melissa.gobell@parks.ca.gov to confirm your field trip date)

  1. Once transportation is confirmed through your school or district, fill out your Reimbursement Request form with the total cost of your field trip (prior to visiting): https://bit.ly/passports-pay

  2. Upon completion of your request, you will receive an anticipated award amount letter to be signed by your school administrator and approved by the passPORTS Team.

  1. The passPORTS team will work with you to choose the instructional materials for your park.

  2. Go on your field trip!

  3. Upon completion of your field trip, your grant will be given as a reimbursement!

Still confused? Schedule a passPORTS field trip consultation here Click the link to setup your initial consultation: https://bit.ly/passports-info or contact scott.shepherd@parks.ca.gov for more information.