Sue-meg State Park In-Person Field Trip: Sue-meg Village Tour

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In-Person field trips are available at Sue-meg State Park for both guided and self-guided field trips. See the calendar below for details:

A guided field trip is facilitated by California State Park Interpreters who's work is focused on sharing the natural, cultural, and historical resources for the park. (See the calendar below for details)

Guided Field Trips

Sue-meg Village is a recreated traditional Yurok Village comprised of redwood split-plank structures, engineered with amazing Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK). Built by and for Indigenous People of the North Coast, Sue-meg Village provides and active space for cultural revitalization and healing.

During this unique 1-hour tour, students will explore Sue-meg Village guided by State Park Interpreter, and Yurok Tribal descendent, Maiya. Interpreter Maiya will take you on a tour of a re-created traditional Yurok village. Through life experience and stories that have been passed down for thousands of years, Maiya will help inspire the students to explore more about who’s land they are on here in the North Coast. With conversations that touch on sensitive subjects regarding recent and often violent treatment and displacement of Indigenous ancestors, we will show that Yurok people are still here and their culture has persevered! During this field trip, students will learn that Yurok culture consists of much more than just houses, tools, and language. Yurok cultural is a relationship between people and places, and threads together community, stewardship and world renewal.

This field trip will be hosted entirely outdoors, with some opportunities to sit under covered shelter if necessary. All attendees should be prepared for short trail walks through the park in potentially foggy and rainy conditions.

Field Trip tours typically take 1-hour to complete. This field trip can accommodate one class with a maximum of 40 students (40 students per tour). If your school group is larger, we will divide the students and provide two tours. The required adult to student ratio is 1:5.

If you have any questions regarding this field trip offering, please contact and .

A self-guided field trip is independently facilitated by K-12 educators, chaperones or youth program group leaders without the support of California State Park staff. (See the calendar below for details)

Self-Guided Field Trips

Self Guided Field Trips are facilitated independently by K-12 educators, chaperones, and youth program leaders without the support of California State Park Staff. During your field trip, you are more than welcome to explore the park whilst following established park rules. Upon completion of your field trip reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with information on how to prepare for and reflect on your in-person field trip.

During your field trip, we recommend that you choose one of the following experiences to guide your student learning during their visit:

You will be contacted by a member of staff in the next 5 business days to confirm your self-guided field trip. If you have any questions regarding this field trip offering, please contact or .

Self-Guided Field Trips typically take 1-3 hours to complete. This field trip can accommodate a maximum of 80 students . The required adult to student ratio is 1:10.

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Additional Resouces

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