Mendocino Coast
Marine Protected Areas

Explore Mendocino Coast Marine Protected Areas!

Come explore the sandy beaches, rocky reefs, sea caves, and kelp forests of Mendocino Coast Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)!

The health of these marine habitats are supported by a handful of keystone species which keep the ecosystem balanced. Some keystone species have been reduced or have disappeared completely due to many factors and environmental stressors such as warming ocean temperatures, over fishing, and competition for resources.

In this PORTS program we will be focusing on how the loss of a keystone species can weaken or damage an ecosystem, not only affecting our marine life but also affecting the people who live and work in coastal communities. Book this PORTS program to explore these thought-provoking topics and find ways to make a positive impact for a more beautiful future for our marine ecosystems.

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Maintain healthy, resilient, and productive ocean and coastal ecosystems for the benefit of current and future generations.