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For the first time in our 17 year history, PORTS On-Demand Programs are fully booked! But there are still ways to connect with Parks' Online Resources for Teachers and Students. You can explore our Home Learning Programs, passPORTS resources, Previous Broadcasts, and Digital Content Library to stay connected to our California State Parks. Click here to learn more!

State Parks Interpreter Kat reads a children's book about whales in front of a gray whale skeleton.
Interpretive Rangers Kristen and Sandy presenting a PORTS program at San Elijo State Beach

California State Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students (PORTS)

For 17 years, California State Parks has been providing blended access experiences for K-12 students across the state utilizing best practices in experiential education and modern technology tools.

In an effort to further our mission to preserve and protect our precious natural, cultural, and historic resources, California State Parks is embarking on an effort to empower and inspire the next generation of park champions through our PORTS Home Learning Programs.

We've adapted our 1:1 PORTS On-Demand Programs to a broadcast-style digital resource to meet the growing need for home learning tools. In addition, we've diligently curated some of our best home learning tools for teaching, learning, and exploring in California State Parks.

To participate in PORTS Home Learning Programs with your K-12 child or student, visit our calendar to register for one of our upcoming at programs or browse our Digital Content Library.

We are committed to staying connected with Californians and meeting the needs of our greater community. If you have questions or concerns regarding your experience with our PORTS Home Learning Programs or PORTS On-Demand Programs, please contact us to leave feedback, praise, or to learn more. We look forward to connecting with you!