2022 Fall Registration Announcement

California Teacher Registration begins September 1, 2022 at 3pm

Out-of-State Teacher Registration begins September 8, 2022 at 3pm

This year, with the increased demand for PORTS programs, our registration process is evolving to help give California teachers more opportunities to access our California State Parks resources. Starting on September 1 at 3pm, the PORTS program calendar will open for all California teachers to book for the FALL SEMESTER (September-December) ONLY. After Labor Day weekend on September 8 at 3pm, out-of-state teachers will have the opportunity to register for the same.


Why are we limiting registration to just the fall?

  • Teachers will now get TWO opportunities to register on an open calendar, once on September 1st, and a second opportunity for the Spring calendar later in the year.

  • Teachers will no longer need to plan so far ahead, leaving less room for changes, forgotten appointments, and cancellations.

  • Our staff will now have more opportunity to participate in professional development trainings held throughout the year.

Why are we offering a delayed registration date for out of state teachers?

  • We are a State of California resource, and increasing access to California students is our top priority.

Are we able to register after September 1 / September 8?

  • Yes, after the calendar opens registration will be available - so long as there are open appointments - through the fall.

What if the program I want to attend is fully booked before I get an opportunity to register?

  • Take a look at our PORTScasts (previously Home Learning Programs) calendar! PORTScasts are open for any teacher and any student to register. They are held in a safe webinar format to increase our reach to more than just one classroom. Who knows what part of the world your PORTScast classmates might be in!

  • A spring registration announcement will be sent out to our email list. Be sure to sign up to stay in the know!

  • Visit the PORTS YouTube page and our individual park pages to see what resources are available at your fingertips!

What happens if I live out-of-state but manage to register before September 8?

  • Out of state registration that occurs before September 8 is subject to cancellation.

What if I only want to register for spring programming?

What if the times listed for a particular program don't match my classroom availability?

  • In the past, interpreters may have been able to modify their schedules to fit your class times. Unfortunately due to the high demand of programs, we are no longer flexible to change our schedules outside of the designated program timeframe. All times listed on the calendar are final.

Can I invite multiple classrooms to my on demand program?

  • Most likely yes. Please contact your PORTS program presenter to confirm and be sure to provide an updated number of students attending.

Does PORTS have classroom resources I can use to go with my virtual programs?

Posted: August 15, 2022
Published by: Lydia Stinson, PORTS Program Coordinator