2023 Spring Registration Announcement

Text Reads: Spring Registration. California Teacher begins December 12. Out-of-state registration begins December 14. Two laptops are pictured, one with a PORTS presenter on a kayak, and one with a PORTS presenter in front of a stagecoach.

Spring Registration for 2023 begins December 12 for California teachers and December 14 for out-of-state teachers. Calendars will open both days at 3pm. Programs will run from January 9th-June 16th!


Why are we offering fall registration and spring registration instead of opening up the whole year?

  • Teachers will now get TWO opportunities to register on an open calendar, once on September 1st, and a second opportunity on December 12.

  • Teachers will no longer need to plan so far ahead, leaving less room for changes, forgotten appointments, and cancellations.

  • Our staff will now have more opportunity to participate in professional development trainings held throughout the year.

Why are we offering a delayed registration date for out of state teachers?

  • We are a State of California resource, and increasing access to California students is our top priority.

  • Out-of state registration that occurs prior to December 14th are subject to cancellation.

Are we able to register after December 12 / December 14?

  • Yes, after the calendar opens registration will be available - so long as there are open appointments - through the spring.

How do I select program start time? ****** NEW!

  • This spring, some parks will be offering programs within blocks of time. This means you will see multiple program start times to select from (9am, 9:15am, 9:30am, etc.) and as soon as one is booked, the next 45 minutes will be listed unavailable.

  • Parks that are unable to offer blocks of time will offer set start times as usual.

  • The time you select is the start time of your program. Once confirmed this cannot be changed.

What if the program I want to attend is fully booked before I get an opportunity to register?

  • Take a look at our PORTScasts calendar! PORTScasts are open for any teacher and any student to register. They are held in a safe webinar format to increase our reach to more than just one classroom. Who knows what part of the world your PORTScast classmates might be in!

  • Visit the PORTS YouTube page and our individual park pages to see what resources are available at your fingertips!

Can I invite multiple classrooms to my on demand program?

  • Most likely yes. However PLEASE contact your PORTS program presenter to confirm and be sure to provide an updated number of students attending.

Does PORTS have classroom resources I can use to go with my virtual programs?