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Over our 15 year history, technology has changed and evolved to make it easier to share the unique natural, cultural, and historic resources of our parks. Our Digital Content Library is a curation of these unique teacher resources.

For resources specific to your PORTS Program, please visit our On-Demand Page and select the program you're attending.

To learn more about how teachers are using these resources to design engaging learning experiences for their students, check out our passPORTS program!

passPORTS instructional resources were designed in collaboration with K-12 teachers statewide to provide customizable, low prep, easy-to-use lesson plans for teachers in virtual or in-person environments. Click here to learn more!

Check out the PORTS Program YouTube channel to find a curation of past PORTScasts and special public events hosted by PORTS Program. For previous broadcasts specific to your grade level, click here!

California State Parks PORTS YouTube Channel

Explore California State Parks with Flip!

California State Parks PORTS Programs is an official partner with Flip, an innovative teacher resource designed to empower student voice. You can explore over 350 Flip resources from all across the state!

Padlet is one of the many tools our PORTS presenters use to engage K-12 students in advance of or following the PORTS program. Thanks to a collaboration with California Educators Together, we've curated these resources for teachers and students to make them easy to find, navigate, and explore.

Coast Redwood Canopy App

Fans of California State Parks can now virtually explore the tops of the tallest trees to the depths of a submarine canyon thanks to a new partnership with Timelooper. Utilizing 360° cameras and three-dimensional (3D), augmented reality (AR) design, the two new apps highlight unique and often inaccessible habitats such as the towering canopy of a coast redwood tree and the ocean floor of a kelp forest. Click here to learn more!

Dive into Point Lobos App

Many of our California State Parks have their own unique Youtube Channel with videos and content specific to the natural, cultural, and historic resources of their park.

California State Parks' 360 Virtual Tours

New and innovative technology has made it possible to explore our California State Parks in virtual and augmented reality. Today, you can explore a number of our California State Parks through immersive 360 virtual tours. Click here to learn more!

California State Parks in Smithsonian Learning Lab

Smithsonian Learning Lab puts the treasures of the world's largest museum, education, and research complex within reach. The Smithsonian Learning Lab is a free, interactive platform for discovering millions of authentic digital resources, creating content with online tools, and sharing in the Smithsonian's expansive community of knowledge and learning. Click here to see how PORTS presenters are using this platform to share resources with teachers!