California State Parks

Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students (PORTS)® Distance Learning Program

For the first time in our 17 year history, PORTS On-Demand Programs are fully booked! But there are still ways to connect with Parks' Online Resources for Teachers and Students. You can explore our Home Learning Programs, passPORTS resources, Previous Broadcasts, and Digital Content Library to stay connected to our California State Parks. Click here to learn more!

All Programs Booked for 2020/2021

PORTS Program is proud to offer FREE interactive virtual field trips for K-12 students to stay connected to our state's natural, cultural, and historical resources. Connecting your classroom to California State Parks allows your students to learn and explore with California State Parks interpreters working in parks across the state.

PORTS Home Learning Programs offer students the opportunity to enjoy special PORTS presentations in a safe webinar format as they learn from home. Like all of PORTS programming, these free presentations allow students to explore California's natural, historic, and cultural resources.

Is your student ready to learn more about some great ways to have fun in your California State Parks? And, are they between 7 and 12 years old? Then they can become a Junior Ranger!

California State Parks is proud to present our MPA Outreach and Education Project which connects students and members of the public to our state's marine protected areas. PORTS Program invites you and your students to dive into variety of virtual field trips and digital resources highlighting California's MPAs!