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¡Bienvenidos a la Misión de La Purísima Concepción de Maria Santísima!

Step back in time at La Purísima Mission State Historic Park to discover the culture, customs, and hardships encountered during Spanish Colonial California.

La Pusima Mission is the eleventh of the California Missions and was founded on December 8, 1787. The Mission number over 10,000 cattle and 12,000 sheep which make up two of the largest industries at La Purísima Mission.

A major earthquake destroyed the mission buildings in December of 1812. Father Mariano Payeras received permission to relocate the Mission to its current location, four miles to the northeast, in La Cañada de Los Berros.

The end of the California missions came in 1834, when the Mexican government, which had gained independence from Spain, transferred control of the missions from the Catholic Church to civil authorities. The property passed into private ownership and the mission buildings fell into ruin.

La Purísima is the most fully restored Mission in California due to the restoration efforts of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) during the 1930s. The Civilian Conservation Corps project at La Purísima Mission represents one of the largest historical restoration projects completed in the history of the United States of America.

Join us at La Purísima Mission State Historic Park to discover the vast history of the Mission and to recognize the diversity of California's heritage.

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