Ed Z'berg Sugar Pine Point State Park

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Ed Z'berg Sugar Pine Point State Park contains one of the finest remaining natural areas on Lake Tahoe. With nearly two miles of lake frontage, the park has dense forests of pine, fir, aspen and juniper. This park has two different programs to choose from!

Web of Life Program: Join Interpreter Kaytlen as she helps your students explore the delicate web of life in this alpine environment. Students will see how they are linked to this delicate web of life, and how the roles humans play can have significant positive and negative impacts on our environment. This program is geared towards 2nd-6th graders!

Fascinating Fire Ecology Program: The history of fire in Lake Tahoe reveals this powerful element’s role in managing a healthy flourishing forest for the future. Jump into the bumpy history of forest fires in Lake Tahoe with Interpreter Kristen and learn how successes and mistakes have shaped the way we manage our forests today. Discover how, through trial and error, stewards of forest lands have moved back into a practice "prescribed burning" to help keep forests healthy! This program is geared towards 5th grade and above.

This program is fully booked for the 2020-2021 school year but you can still connect with us!

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