Junior Rangers

Summer 2021 California State Parks Virtual Junior Ranger Programs

Is your student ready to learn more about some great ways to have fun in your California State Parks? And, are they between 7 and 12 years old? Then they can become a Junior Ranger! There are 12 different Junior Ranger activity areas: Geology, ecology, history, safety, plants, and wildlife are some of the activity students can explore.

Junior Rangers usually gather at more than 70 California State Parks, from the redwood forests, to the high Sierra Nevada, to the sunny Southern California beaches. In 2020, California State Parks Junior Rangers Program went virtual in response to Covid-19. Many parks presented new Junior Ranger programs over Zoom and the programs were archived to the Junior Rangers YouTube Channel.

Dual Language Junior Ranger Program

During the summer of 2020, nearly 10,000 kids and parents participated in California State Parks Virtual Junior Ranger Programs. With so much success and public support, many staff statewide wanted to see these programs continue so California State Parks interpreters developed the Dual Language Junior Ranger Program. We hope that providing a program that combines both English and Spanish will help children develop language skills and an understanding of the extraordinary resources in their California State Parks. While they engage in fun activities they can do at home, they are rewarded for being stewards of their State Parks. Kids can click on the link below to go through six different self-paced modules.

Hola padres y cuidadores!

El programa de guardabosques juveniles de los parques estatales de California se complace de ofrecerle neuvas aventuras virtuales en dos idomas Orientados a niños de 7 a 12 años.

Estas programas integran español e inglés para aprender sobre vida silvestre, plantas, animales e historia de California. ¡Embarcando desde 6 diferentes ubicaciones!

Hello parents, caretakers, and students!

The California State Parks junior ranger program is excited to bring you new dual language virtual adventures especially designed for children ages 7-12.

Students will explore different California State Park locations. Each location video will have a secret code word to collect and then turn in to earn cool Jr. Ranger Badges!

The more adventures each student completes, the more awesome the prize! So make sure to check out all of the sections!

The Statewide Junior Ranger Coordinator is Ingrid van Dijk; you may email her at ingrid.vandijk@Parks.ca.gov with any questions you have.