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The passPORTS project increases equitable and sustainable access to California State Parks for K-12 communities through "blended access" opportunities, new curated instructional resources, and professional development opportunities. With the support of CUE, Parks California, and K-12 educators like you, we will serve over 5,000 students this year with passPORTS!

As a part of this project, we have provided grant funding for educators to create a blended field trip to learn about the environmental, scientific, cultural, and historic richness of California! passPORTS funding is coming to a close for the 2021-2022 school year. If you have scheduled a blended access field trip and already requested reimbursement, please contact the PORTS team!

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What is "blended Access"?

Blended-access field trips are multi-touch opportunities to engage with California State Parks through both virtual and in-person engagement. In advance of an in-person field trip to the park, we hope to prepare students using available resources from PORTS. PORTS programs elevate students' prior knowledge in advance of their visit and support them to build relationships with the people, places, and stories that make up our parks.

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Parks to Visit

passPORTS has selected a few California State Parks for special field trip opportunities. Review the geographic, historic, scientific, and cultural features of these parks and meet the PORTS Interpreter! Contact us for information about a park you want to visit with your students.

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Grants for Field Trips!

passPORTS will be providing blended - access field trips to over 5,000 students in the 2021-2022 school year. We are hoping to receive additional funding for this project in the fall of 2022. See below to
learn more about passPORTS field trips.

Instructional Resources

Thanks to our new collaboration with CUE we're providing K-12 Teachers with low-prep, customizable, and ready-to-use resources for digital and in-person connections to California State Parks. Did we mention these resources are completely free?!

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Explore the passPORTS Symposium

passPORTS has created new unique professional development opportunities by combining connection to our parks and proven instructional design strategies. Find out when our next symposiums are happening!

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