Blended Access Field Trips

passPORTS will connect over 5,000 students to parks this year!

Hello California Educators!

The new passPORTS project from the California State Parks, PORTS program is working with educators from around the state to re-imagine the school field trip. Over the course of the 2021-2022 school year, we have provided blended field trip experiences for students and teachers to learn about the environmental, scientific, cultural, and historic richness of California!

You and your students are invited to join us in this project in the upcoming school year (2022-2023) to engage in blended field trip opportunities. See below for more information.

What’s a Blended Field Trip?

passPORTS has re-imagined the traditional field trip to “blend” virtual and in-person access to selected California State Parks. First, you and your students participate in a “virtual” video conference visit with a CA State Park Interpreter. Next, at a future date, you take an in-person field trip to the park.

Benefits of a passPORTS Blended Field Trip

  • Students get an educational experience based on the park’s ecosystem, geography, or history

  • Teachers select from CCSS/NGSS and environmental literacy curriculum

  • Teachers select ready-made, grade-level science, ELA, or history lessons customized for the park

  • Schools or districts get reimbursed for some or all student transportation costs to the park

Grant Process for Planning Your Blended Field Trip - 8 Easy Steps!

  1. Schedule your appointment and initial consultation with a California State Parks PORTS Coordinator or explore our Parks to Visit to learn more about blended field trip experiences. Field Trip Consultations will resume in September of 2022.

  2. Schedule your virtual and in-person field trip experiences (virtual experiences may be Home Learning Programs or On-Demand Programs) and confirm your transportation costs through your approved school or district (this may require coordination with your site manager, administrator, or transportation department).

  3. Request reimbursement for your field trip costs. Field Trip reimbursement will resume in September of 2022 (if you have an existing in-person field trip and would like to request reimbursement please contact a PORTS coordinator below).

  4. Upon completion of your request, you will receive an anticipated award amount letter to be signed by your school administrator and approved by the passPORTS Team.

  5. Make arrangements for bus transportation through your school district’s process.

  6. The passPORTS team will work with you to choose the instructional materials for your park.

  7. Go on your field trip!

  8. Upon completion of your field trip, your grant will be given as a reimbursement!

Start Your passPORTS Journey Now.!

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To talk with a real person, please contact a California State Parks PORTS Coordinator below:

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