PassPORTS Blended Access Field Trips

Hello California Educators!

The new passPORTS project is an extension of the California State Parks PORTS program. We are working with educators from around the state to re-imagine the school field trip: providing blended field-trip experiences for students and teachers to learn about the environmental, scientific, cultural, and historic richness of California!

If you teach at a Title 1 public school, you are eligible for up to $1000 in reimbursements for your field trip related expenses. Learn how you can participate below!

What is Blended-Access?

Blended-Access means we blend virtual and in-person experiences to create a robust learning experience for your students, and help integrate classroom learning with live exploration at the park.

Steps for Planning Your Funded Blended-Access Field Trip:

  1. Fill out the PassPORTS Interest Form.

  2. If approved, a coordinator will reach out to schedule your virtual and in-person field trip experiences.

  3. Arrange transportation through your school or district (this may require coordination with your site manager, administrator, or district transportation department).

  4. Access instructional materials in our resource library for lesson planning.

  5. Attend your virtual program with the park interpreter.

  6. Go on your field trip and have an amazing time!

  7. Confirm transportation costs along with any other field trip related expenses.

  8. Submit the reimbursement form, including invoices of all costs incurred, as well as artifacts of student learning.

  9. Receive up to $1000 of your PassPORTS grant!

Start Your passPORTS Journey Now.!

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PORTS K-12 Access Coordinator