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Discover the cypress groves and giant kelp forests of Point Lobos State Natural Reserve! You'll join California State Park Interpreter Daniel to experience an important habitat with a history of protection!

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Marine Protected Area Coloring Book

Previous Broadcasts

The Hidden Forest by Jeannie Baker read by California State Park Interpreter Daniel. Adventure awaits as Ben and his friend Sofia explore the giant kelp forest!

El bosque escondido

Una traduccion en espanol del cuento The Hidden Forest por Jeannie Baker, leído por el guardabosque Daniel.

Point Lobos #botanyblast Tree Talk Moment: Identifying the Monterey Cypress Tree

Join us to learn how to identify the Monterey Cypress! We'll find out what makes a Monterey Cypress a Monterey Cypress with an up-close look at its leaves, cones, and bark. The world of the Monterey Cypress is a fascinating one, this introduction might leave you with more curious questions of this coastal conifer!

Sea Otter Study

This up-close video of the Southern Sea Otter provides a great opportunity to study this furry mammal in its natural habitat.

Take a moment to make your own discoveries about the otter. What is it doing? Why do you think it is doing what it is doing? What do you notice about the fur, the tail, the teeth, the nose, the paws, and its actions?

Wildlife viewing provides us insight to the animal world, and at Point Lobos SNR, the sea otter provides endless opportunities to observe and experience more of this threatened marine species.

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